Sarah, Plain and Tall

Written by Patricia MacLachlan

Reviewed by Keanu L. (age 10)

In the story Caleb and Anna's mom died. The dad wrote a letter to Sarah. He asked her to come and visit for a month. She came and then she missed the ocean. Caleb was worried that she was going to leave because he was too loud and pesky, and because they had a small house. She wanted to go back because of the ocean, but she didn't leave because she would miss them more. I will let you read the book to find out if they got married or not.

The book was great. I liked the part where they slid down the hay because it sounded like fun. Another part I liked was when they went swimming. It was funny when Jacob taught Sara how to drive the wagon with the horses. I felt sad when the mother died.

Sarah Plain and Tall is a Newbery Medal award winner. I recommend this book to third and fourth graders because it is a chapter book and it would be too hard for lower than third grade.

Keanu L. is a student in Mrs. B.'s 3rd - 5th Grade