In a Dark Dark Room

Written by Alvin Schwartz

Reviewed by Kassandra P. (age 9)

Do you like to read scary stories? In this book there are a lot of scary stories. In each story something different happens.

My favorite story was The Green Ribbon. It's about a girl who always wears a green ribbon around her neck. She took the ribbon and then her head fell off!

Each story had a color picture that was pretty good.

I recommend this story to all of the second graders and above because I think that everything in this book is scary. You should read this book at night because at night is the time you have to read scary stories. And also read it slowly so you can enjoy the story. And if you are looking for the the book in a dark dark room just go to a library and ask for this book. Enjoy the story.

Kassandra P. is a student in Mrs. Harris' 4th Grade Class