Lucy's Completely Cool and Totaly True E-Journal

Written by Jane Harrington

Reviewed by Marisol Q. (age 10)

Have you ever read about a girl writing in a E-Journal? You should read this book because you learn about Lucy's life. Lucy is always asking for a feret, but her mom says no. Lucy says they are adorable! Lucy doesn't want her sister to read her E-Journal because it is a secret. If you want to learn more about Lucy read this book.

I liked this book because is an adventure story. I liked this book too because Lucy descibes her life in a E-Journal, and because she is a person to hang with.

I recommend this book to people who like adventure stories and fiction too. It is great book because sometimes it's funny too, like when she talks about her grandma. You should read about it. It's fun to read! I would like to have my own e-journal too.

Marisol Q. is a student in Ms. Keeton's 5th Grade Class