Written by Syd Hoff
Illustrated by Syd Hoff

Reviewed by Thanh P. (age 8)

In this story, Davy and his father, Mr. Smith, went to Africa to catch animals for the circus. They wanted a gorilla. While his father was resting under a coconut tree, Davy found a coconut. He kicked it into the bushes. A gorilla named Julius kicked it back. Julius is a friendly gorilla. Davy and his father brought Julius back to America to join the circus. Julius was very happy to be in the circus.

I liked this book very much because it had a happy ending. The gorilla was happy to be in the circus and it was not mistreated. The illustrations were easy to understand. They kept me interested in the story. I couldn?t wait to read the next line.

I would recommend this book to young readers because it was interesting to read and it was written with a happy ending.

Thanh P. is a student in Miss Kennedy's 3rd Grade Class