Bill and Pete Go Down the Nile

Written by Tomie de Paola
Illustrated by Tomie de Paola

Reviewed by Marc T. (age 8)

This book is about a crocodile named Bill and his friend Pete, who is a bird. They have a field trip to a museum. Bill sees a guy who looks familiar, but he can?t remember where he has seen him before. Then Bill goes to eat and to brush his teeth in the bathroom. Bill sees the guy again and remembers that he is a bad guy. Then the bad guy goes to steal jewels. If you want to find out more, just read this book.

I liked this story because it was very fun. The part I like the best was when Bill said ?Oh, mister bad guy?. I liked the pictures because they were very exciting. My favorite character was Pete.

I recommend this book to readers that like funny books or books about adventures.

Marc T. is a student in Mrs. Peterson's 3rd Grade Class