Comet's Nine Lives

Written by Jan Brett • Illustrated by Jan Brett

Reviewed by Arshjot S. (age 8) and Annie K. (age 8)

A cat named Comet always loses his life whenever he goes somewhere. Comet has a total of nine lives. Comet went into the bookstore and went on top of the bestseller books and the books toppled over and Comet lost a life. The part we found very interesting was when Comet pranced happily on the stage where an actress was. The actress shouted, ?I?m allergic to cats.? The actress kicked Comet and he flew through the air to the last row. Then Comet realized he?d lost a life again. The thing that is scary is that Comet always loses his lives. We wonder if Comet will lose all of his nine lives. If you like cats you should read this book. The author uses so many details.

I think people will like to read this book because it?s funny and sometimes it made us scared. The thing that made us scared is when Comet almost loses all of his lives and has only one left. We like this book because we felt like we were in the story. We felt like we were Comet.

We especially like how Jan Brett drew the pictures. We like the borders around the page because they are beautiful. The reason why I think the borders are beautiful is it has interesting things. The island reminds us of when we were at the beach in the summer. We loved the illustrations because it almost looked real, like the picture with the water splashing. We think its better than most other books? illustrations because they have many more details.

Arshjot S. and Annie K. are students in Ms. Salmon's 2nd Grade Class