Hieronymous White A Bird Who Believed that He Always Was Right

Written by Jeff Moss • Illustrated by Chris Demarest

Reviewed by Elijah B. (age 8)

This book is about a bird named Hieronymus White. He thought he was always right. His parents wanted him to be the best. When he was in school none of the birds liked him because he wasn't good at sports. He thought he was always right because he was a good flyer. When he grew up he was world famous and he always wore his hat. But when he was old he learned nobody is always right. It took him a long time to learn this.

I like this book because Hieronymus learned an important lesson that you can't always be right. He always tried his best when he did something. I did not like how his mom and dad had to leave their home. The birds there were mean to them because they were different. That is not right. When I read this book I liked it because I learned things like to be nice to everyone and you can't always be right.

I recommend this book to people who think they are always right.I don't think anybody could always be right and you can learn this in this good story.

Elijah B. is a student in Ms. Guzman's 1st Grade Class