Arthur's Computer Disaster

Written by Marc Brown
Illustrated by Marc Brown

Reviewed by Shawn B. (age 9)

This story is about when Arthur gets a new computer game. One day his mother tells him not to play it while she is gone. While she was gone Arthur called Buster, then they both played the game. Arthur was about to beat the game, Buster tried to finish it and the keyboard fell. When Arthur's mother got home she found out that Arthur played his game, but told Arthur the computer wasn't broken.

The main characters are: Arthur, his mother, and Buster. This story teaches people don't do things you're not supposed to do. This story also teaches not to do things without permission. My favorite part is when Arthur thinks the computer is broken but it really isn't. I learned that computers are very delicate.

This story reminds me when I was playing a game on my grandma's computer and the computer froze. I think the illustrations were cool. This story is special because it teaches things about life.

I think other people should read this book because it's a book that teaches about life. Third graders would like this book.

Shawn B. is a member in The Technology and Learning Center @ the Armory's Summer 2 (2001-2002)