The Adventures of Taxi Dog

Written by Debra and Sal Barracca
Illustrated by Mark Buehner

Reviewed by Larry S. (age 9)

This book is about a dog that lives in the street looking for food. One day a taxi driver named Jim offered the dog friendship, a home, and a place in the front seat in his taxi. From then on, Jim named the dog Maxi. The main characters are Maxi and Jim. Maxi is a brown dog. Jim is the human.

The story teaches me that sometimes animals are nice to keep. My favorite part is when Maxi the dog wears fake glasses and a fake mustache. The pictures were cool. The story teaches me that by being a taxi driver you can meet different people. This story does not remind of anything special from my life but I like it a lot.

Other people should read this book because it is interesting. I think that girls and boys would like to read this book.

Larry S. is a member in The Technology and Learning Center @ the Armory's Summer 2 (2001-2002)