Wemberly Worried

Written by Kevin Henkes

Reviewed by Catherine V. (age 9)

This is about a girl who worries a lot about her problems. Wemberly fears to go to school. Wemberly is scared to meet friends. Wemberly fears to let go of her bunny because she loves her bunny very much. And she did not want to go to school. Wemberly worries in the morning, in the night, and in the day. At home she worries about the tree in the front yard.

When Wemberly saw Jewel she was so happy because she finally got a friend. And even their dolls were friends. And when she was painting she had a lot of fun with Jewel. She said, "l am coming back to school."

The story teaches me not to worry about little things like shrinking in the bathtub. I learned that if I worried a lot, then I will be afraid to talk and continue worrying. Also, you can have a doll, as your best friend that accompanies you when you are scared just like Wemberly.

One time that I was worried was when I dropped my earrings down the sewer. I thought I was never getting them back from there. I was also worried when my two dollars fell down the sewer. I thank my teacher because she gave me two dollars.

I would like my friends to read this book because I told them about the book and they liked what I told them about Wemberly being worried.A kind of reader that would like this book would be some one who is always worried about everything.

Catherine V. is a member in The Technology and Learning Center @ the Armory's Summer 2 (2001-2002)