Me and My Cat?

Written by Satoshi Kitamura
Illustrated by Satoshi Kitamura

Reviewed by Bryan T. (age 9)

This book is about a boy and a cat that switch bodies. Then they have a big adventure. When the boy comes from school they get into a fight. Then they go to bed. When they wake up they have their own bodies again. The main characters are Leonardo and Nicholas. The big idea is that the boy and the cat have each other?s bodies.

The story teaches me that don't let a witch in your house. She came into the house at the beginning of the story. I think the book was good. I like it because the boy and the cat switch bodies. My favorite part was the boy and the cat fighting. The story reminds me of my dog chasing a cat. I think the pictures are good. The unique thing about this book is that something scary happened.

A boy or girl who would like to be entertained would like to read this book. A boy or girl who would like to be a cat would also like this book.

Bryan T. is a member in The Technology and Learning Center @ the Armory's Summer 2 (2001-2002)