Written by Tedd Arnold
Illustrated by Tedd Arnold

Reviewed by Sasha A. (age 9)

The story is about a boy who thinks he is falling apart. He says that every day it?s the same thing. His hair is always falling apart when he tries to comb it. He thinks it is all going to fall off. Then a little piece of cotton was in his belly and he thinks that a whole bunch of cotton will come out of it.

The main characters are a boy and his parents. When his parents came home they saw him with a lot of tape on him self. They said why did you put so much tape on your self? Then he said because I am falling apart.

The story teaches me about people losing things, for example like water bottles, books, cards and other items too. Additionally, it reminds me of people thinking about stuff like daydreaming and sleeping. It also reminds me of doing bad stuff. Like when you put bad stuff in the bathtub or in the sink like shampoo that can make you can slip and break your back.

I think the pictures are wonderful pictures. I like when the boy thought his skin was falling off in the sand box. It was hysterically funny to me because all of his skin came off in the sand box. Then he was a skeleton in the sand box being scared. Also I liked the picture when he was combing his hair too.

This book reminds me of another book about a teacher. Her name was Ms. Nelson, and her students were throwing paper balls all around the room. When the bell rang Ms. Nelson was going home and she dressed as a mean teacher. Ms. Nelson made the students do a lot of work too. When the day was over Ms. Nelson took the costume off and went to sleep and in the morning her students were proud to see her. That?s how they learned their lesson.

I think other people should read this because it's a great book to read. It should also be in all New York Public library centers. A reader who would read this book will see it might be funny to them because it?s not happening to them it?s happening to the boy. Some people think that it is kind of scary too. It is almost like adventure but different. The audience would see a show of everything of the book Parts.

Sasha A. is a member in The Technology and Learning Center @ the Armory's Summer 2 (2001-2002)