Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

Written by Judy Blume • Illustrated by Roy Doty

Reviewed by Mrs. Weidemann's 2nd Grade and 3rd Grade Class

This book is about a boy named Peter and his little brother Fudge. Fudge is a boy who gets into a lot of trouble. One time he put stamps his dad's guest's suitcase. Another time, he got in trouble is when he jumped off a jungle gym. When he jumped off, he knocked out his two front teeth.

My favorite parts are when Fudge swallows Dribble, Peter's pet turtle, and when he poured peas over his head and said, "Eat it or wear it". I thought they were really funny. I liked the character Fudge the best because he did funny things. This is a very good book. I would like to read more Fudge books.

I recommend this book because it is very funny. I think that about third grade kids could read it because it has some hard words in it.

Mrs. Weidemann's 2nd Grade through 3rd Grade Class