Dan, the Bandage Man

Written by Helen Gaspard • Illustrated by Corinne Malverne

Reviewed by Dahlia M. (age 5)

My book is about Dan the Bandage Man and he had a cowboy fight. He went to his mom to get a bandaid.

Then he was thinking about being a doctor. He helps dolls and his sister too. He wants to grow up to be a doctor. The pictures show Dan helping his sister. He uses bandaids.

I like this book because I want to be a doctor like Dan the Bandage Man. If people are sick they can bring their kids to me. I want to be a little kid doctor.

Other kids will read it and like it. Little kids will like it best.

(This review was dictated to an adult.)

Dahlia M. is a student in Ms. Conerty's Kindergarten Class