The Landry News

Written by Andrew Clements
Illustrated by Salvatore Murocca

Reviewed by Patrick L. (age 10)

"New kid gets old teacher!" When Cara Landry transfers to a new school, she gets Mr. Larson. He is a teacher that doesn't teach but reads, drinks coffee, and gets pushed around by the principal, Dr. Barnes. Mr. Larson has a special bulletin board where special writing is posted. But when Cara posts her private newspaper on the bulletin board, the problems begin. Mr. Larson gets a wrong guess about how perfect it is, and a whole lot of trouble starts with Cara, her friends, Mr. Larson, and the principal. Let me tell you she went way too far, so far she made it a school newspaper. Good luck Cara.

I think that the illustrator, Salvator Murocca, could put more pictures and colors in the book. But I have to say the way they made each chapter like an article in a newspaper was very imaginative. Also I liked when Mr. Larson's head gets red, but he gets mad too, which I think is too harsh for a 5th grade teacher.

I recommend this book because of all the craziness involved. I mostly think that people who can't find a good book to read should read this book; although if you can find a good book you should read this anyway. I thought that all the surprises made me not want to put it down, so be sure to read The Landry News

Patrick L. is a student in Mrs. Pike's 4th Grade Class