Snowmen at Christmas

Written by Caralyn Buenher

Reviewed by Trinity W. (age 9)

This book is about snowmen having fun at night at Christmastime. One thing they do are make snowballs and hang them on the trees. Snow kids play games like Red Rover and Freeze Tag. Snow Women make snow food like cookies with sprinkles. They even make a special ďice creamĒ. If you are wondering what else snowmen do at night time, you should read this book!

I really like this book because itís imaginary and you really feel like youíre part of the story. One page tells the part of when a snow family gets together. I like this because you donít always get to see your relatives. This book reminds me of Christmas and itís a fun time of the year.

I would recommend this book to my friends like Kaylee because she really likes playing in the snow. Iíd also suggest it to Luca because he likes parties and when they gather in the playground, itís like a party. Iíd also recommend this to my brother, Taj because Christmas is his favorite time of the year!

Trinity W. is a student in Mrs. Violino's 3rd Grade Class