After the Fall - How Humpty Dumpty Got Back Up Again

Written by Dan Santat • Illustrated by Dan Santat

Reviewed by Sebastian E. (age 8), Jack P. (age 7) and Luke P. (age 7)

This book is about Humpty Dumpty who is afraid of heights because he fell off from a big, gigantic wall. Weíre sure youíve heard about it. Humpty Dumpty loved watching birds but because he was afraid of heights he could not go up on the wall and watch them. He couldnít get his favorite cereals at the grocery store because they were too high and he would have to climb up the ladder. He decided to make paper airplanes because he missed watching the birds. His airplane went over the gigantic wall. Does he go up the wall? There is a surprise at the end!!

I think this is a good book because I used to be afraid of heights like Humpty Dumpty. (Sebastian) We like this book because itís like the nursery rhyme but itís longer and itís about what happens after. We like the book because it has a lot of pictures with ladders. There are 12 pages with pictures of ladders!

We recommend this book to kids in kindergarten to 3rd grade. This book has a good lesson in it. The lesson is donít be afraid of anything.

Sebastian E., Jack P. and Luke P. are members in Westport Book Club's The Best Book Club (2017-2018)