Why the Sea is Salty

Written by Rosie Dickens • Illustrated by Sara Rab

Reviewed by Ashton S. (age 7)

There is a king who has a magic millstone. The king always has what he wants in his millstone. A thief thinks he can become rich with the millstone. The thief tricks the guard into telling him where the millstone is. It turns out the thief does not know how to stop the millstone.

My favorite part is when the thief doesn't know hot to stop the millstone and it keeps making salt. My favorite character is the thief because he is evil This story relates to my life because my sister once stole my hat. The pictures helped me understand when the king got mad a the thief when he took the millstone.

People should read this story because it gives thme a life lesson never to steal. This story is funny, colorful, and extraordinary.

Ashton S. is a student in Mrs. Okamura's 1st Grade Class