Where the Wild Things Are

Written by Maurice Sendak • Illustrated by Maurice Sendak

Reviewed by Jacob N. (age 7)

I recommend this book Where the Wild Things Are. It is really cool because a little kid goes on cool adventures. In the beginning the kid has his wolf costume on and scares his dog and he was sent to his room. Then after a while his room turns into a jungle. Then he finds a private boat for himself. He sails across the sea for weeks and then he finds land.

My favorite character is Max. Max is brave and mischievous. For example, he does bad things in his house. It is cool when Max becomes king of the monsters. I really love the illustrations! Did you know the illustrator is really famous? I think it would be hard to draw scales on one of the monsters. I like the illustrations because they look realistic.

Kids 2-8 will love this book! If you like adventures you'll love it! Have a fun time reading this book!

Jacob N. is a student in Ms. Hanlund's 2nd Grade Class