First Flight The Story of Tom Tate and the Wright Brothers

Written by George Shea • Illustrated by Don Bolognese

Reviewed by Kei E. (age 6)

Tom saw two men near a big tent. Their names were Will and Orville Wright. Tom and his father tried to help them with their airplane. The brothers never gave up trying to fly. The machine finally could fly. Everyone was very happy.

My favorite part of the story is when the airplane flew for the first time in history because it was very exciting. My favorite character is Tom because he never gave up. This story relates to my life because I never give up when I do something for the first time. The pictures helped me imagine the time in the 1900's.

I think others should read this story because it will help you not to give up. This story is interesting, great, and informative.

Kei E. is a student in Mrs. Okamura's 1st Grade Class