Marvin Redpost Kidnapped At Birth

Written by Louis Sachar
Illustrated by Neal Hughens

Reviewed by Andrew L. (age 8)

Have you ever thought you might be a prince? Well in Marvin Redpost Kidnapped at Birth, Marvin has that problem. At first, Marvin is writing a report. His is writing about a prince that was kidnapped at birth. The princeís name is Prince Robert. Prince Robert has red hair and blue eyes, just like Marvin. Marvin doesnít know if he is Prince Robert or not. In the middle of the story, Marvin and Nick go to their friend Stuartís house. Marvin tells his friends about his problem, that he might be the prince. Marvin decides to call an office that takes blood tests and makes a appointment to find out if he is Prince Robert or not. Nick tells everyone in Marvinís class that he is Prince Robert. Clarence starts a fight in school by pushing Marvin, because he doesnít believe he is Prince Robert. To find out the truth, you have to read the book.

The illustrations are awesome because they are funny. For example, General Jackson, Marvinís pet lizard, sticks his tongue out every time Marvin talks to him. That made me laugh. I like the main character, Marvin, because he is curious about maybe being a prince. He thought that if he is a prince, he might get a huge allowance and be able to eat 6 ice cream sundaes a day. I like how the author writes the story because he keeps making you guess if he is or is not Prince Robert. I didnít know the answer and had to keep reading.

People who like friendships would like this book. I know because Marvinís friends support him in the fact that Marvin might be Prince Robert. Donít forget to read Mavin Redpost Kidnapped at Birth.

Andrew L. is a student in Mrs. Kayser's 3rd Grade Class