Patches Lost and Found

Written by Steven Kroll

Reviewed by Tess H. (age 7)

This is the perfect book for you.

Jenny, is one of the main characters. She has her own hamster named Patches. Jenny's first grade class has to write a story, but Jenny can't think of anything to write about. When she gets home from school she notices that Patches ran away. Jenny tells her mom that Patches is missing. She and her mom make lost and found posters. Do you think Jenny or her mom will find Patches?

Read this book to find out.

I enjoyed this book because it was really good. My favorite parts were when Jenny made the posters. Also when Jenny had to write a story. I relate to this book because I have to write stories in school, too.

Tess H. is a student in Mrs. Page-Redmann's 2nd Grade Class