The Poky Little Puppy

Written by Janette Sebing Lowrey • Illustrated by Gustaf Tenggren

Reviewed by Addison L. (age 8)

The Poky Little Puppy is a very fun book. In this book there are five puppies and they go exploring in the wide, wide world. They see things coming up and down the hill. They find the poky little puppy at the bottom of the hill. Right next to him is a strawberry. He smells strawberry shortcake. Read this book to find out if the puppies get the strawberry shortcake.

I like this book because it is fun to read to yourself or to a group. I also like the illustrations. I like this book because I love puppies. My favorite character is the poky puppy. The first time I read this book I was only three years old. It makes me feel happy to read this book. This book is special because itís part of the Golden Book Series.

I think any kid of any age can read this book. I think it is especially good for people that love puppies. It is a great book. It is not a true story. I think most people will like this book because many people like puppies.

Addison L. is a student in Mrs. Gautreau's 2nd Grade Class