Middle School The Worse Years of My Life

Written by J Patterson
Illustrated by Laura Parks

Reviewed by Syrus H (age 11)

middle school the worst years of my life

From a goody two shoes to the back of police cruiser breaking all the rules while he’s at it. rafe katchadorian is as i said a goody two shoes but his “friend” leo, the silent , makes a plane called operation R.A.F.E. This plan consists of breaking every rule in the Hills village code of conduct, but ends up breaking his own rules in the end.

This book was really funny I thought and had a really awesome grabber when they describe him in a police car. It was a roller coaster of some high and some lows that described Rafe's time in middle school. This book is not real but that's what I like about it, because it could be. This book is really exciting, especially when something monumental happens at the end of the book.

I would recommend this book to 4-8th grade , but i guess anyone could read it.

Syrus H is a student in Maestra Angela's 4th-5th Grade Class