Chickens to the Rescue!

Written by John Himmelman • Illustrated by John Himmelman

Reviewed by Jose B (age 7)

The farmer dropped his watch in the well. The chickens come to the rescue. The farmer said “thank you” to the chickens. The farmer’s wife was too tired to make dinner so the chickens come to the rescue and make dinner. The farmer’s wife says “thank you” to the chickens. Jeffrey’s dog ate his work so the chickens come to the rescue!

This is a cool book. This is a funny story. I like to see a chicken lay an egg. The chickens help the farmer and help the lady and his son. I liked it because the chickens help everyone.

I think my friends should read this book because it is a cool book. I want my family to read this book because I like the story. Carlos is going to love this book because it is funny.

Jose B is a member in New York Cares/Island School Reading Club's Drawing Minecraft, Cupcakes and Daisies (2014-2015)