Waggle Waggle

Written by Jonathan London • Illustrated by Michael Rex

Reviewed by Carlos B (age 7)

The book is about how animals walk. There was a kangaroo, pig, horse, duck, bear, elephant, frog, penguin, and cat. For example, when a kangaroo walks it goes boing boing boing!

My opinion is the book is so cool. I like the book because the kangaroo walks boing boing boing. I like the kangaroo and the duck because of how they walk. I think the duck is cute. The book reminded me about when I went to the pond with my family and I saw some ducks. It made me feel good because when I went to the zoo I saw all those animals.

I think my brothers and my sisters will like this book because they like animals. They like all of the animals except for insects. My family and my friends should read this book too because it has animal that are cute and the pictures are nice. The book is fun to read.

Carlos B is a member in New York Cares/Island School Reading Club's Drawing Minecraft, Cupcakes and Daisies (2014-2015)