Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds

Written by David A. Adler
Illustrated by Susana Natti

Reviewed by Matt M. (age 8)

Has a robber ever come in your momís jewelry store if she owns a jewelry store and taken all of the jewels? Hopefully there is an alarm so the police can come and catch the bad guy and bring him to jail. This happened in Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds. This is another great Cam book from the Cam Jensen Mystery Series. Will Cam and Eric solve the Mystery? Will they find the diamonds? If you want to know, read the book!

The story was funny because there is a part with two old ladies. They thought their life was in danger, but they really werenít. This book made me think of when I saw a robber on the news and the police were chasing him and finally caught him.

I recommend this book to first through third graders because it only has 58 pages. Itís a good book because itís an interesting mystery book and readers can help solve the mystery of the stolen jewels. Run to the store or you closest library before they run out!

Matt M. is a student in Mrs. Burnell & Mr. Tompkins' 3rd Grade Class