George Brown Class Clown: Help! I'm Stuck in a Giant Nostril

Written by Nancy Krulik

Reviewed by Matthew B. (age 9)

Do like funny books? Then you should read George Brown Class Clown: Iím Stuck in a Giant Nostril by Nancy Krulik.

First of all, you need to know that George, the main character, has a giant burp called the super burp. In the story, this kid named Louie and his posse, also known as Mike and Max, are bragging about Louieís older brother Sam and how cool he is. So Louie and George make a bet that Louie canít talk about his brother and George canít talk about his old school. After they made the bet, Mrs. Kelly, Georgeís teacher, said they are going to the museum and said they were going to Louieís dadís toe fungus section and the human fun zone. They go to the human fun zone and itís not such a great time for George because he has a super burp while there.

I think the most unique part in this story are the illustrations because they give good descriptions. Iím glad the George Brown books are in a series of books. They are really funny so I am trying to read all of them. My favorite part of this book was when George has his super burp and when heís in the human fun zone because something goes wrong. I started to laugh when I read this part because George got stuck inside a nose slide!

I recommend this book for kids in second through fourth grade if they like funny books. You should find this book at your school and public library!

Matthew B. is a student in Ms. Buckner's 3rd Grade Class