The Invisible Boy

Written by David Lubar • Illustrated by Patrice Barton

Reviewed by The Crosby Crew

Do you want to read a book about a boy who feels invisible? Have you ever felt invisible?

A boy named Brian feels invisible. He always feels left out at school. For example, when Brian was in the cafeteria everyone was talking about Madisonís pool party except Brian, because he wasnít invited.

On Monday, a new boy named Justin came into the class and he changes Brianís feelings. One day in the cafeteria some classmates made fun of Justinís food. They laughed but Brian didnít. He left a note for Justin about his food.

Read the book to find out if Justin and Brian become good friends.

Our favorite character was Justin because he helps change another personís feelings to happier ones. We liked the part when Brian wrote the note because the pictures on the note were funny. The illustrations are different and unique because the colors changed before our eyes!

We recommend this book for all grade levels and for teachers to read this book aloud to a class. If you like books with a good lesson, we recommend this book to you!

The Crosby Crew