Shaoey and Dot

Written by Mary Beth and Steven Curtis Chapman • Illustrated by Jim Chapman

Reviewed by Fiona C. (age 7)

In the book a ladybug made friends with the baby that has no mother. It made me really sad because the baby doesnít have a family. The ladybug helped the baby because the ladybug was nice to the baby. The ladybug said donít worry because you are going to get a family soon. Does the baby get a family? To find out, you could read the book.

I liked the book because it was fun and funny. I like the part when so many babies were in the room because it was cute. The part that was funny was when the ladybug stood on the baby's back. I liked it because it looked like the ladybug was sitting on the baby's back! The book made me feel happy because it was about a happy family. I liked the picture when the baby was sleeping in the baby's room because it was cute and fun.

I think Sabrina in my class would like this book because it was soooo sooooo funny. Matthew would like the part in the book where the baby was sleeping because he has a little brother like the baby. Connor would love this book because at the end there was a happy family.

Fiona C. is a member in Page Turners After School Program / Rauschenbusch Center's Page Turners' Book Club (2012-2013)