Katie Kazoo Switcheroo Anyone But Me

Written by Nancy Krulik
Illustrated by John & Wendy

Reviewed by Gabriela C (age 8)

I met Katie in a book called Katie Kazoo Switcheroo Anyone But Me . Katie gets bullied by George, a new kid in school. Katie tries not to cry when George bothers her and sometimes her friends try to help her. But nothing works! Katie wants to be anyone but her! That night she makes a wish but doesnít realize she wishes as a shooting star passes across the night sky. The next morning she woke up. She wanted to be late for school because of George. She looked inside the classroom nervously when all of a sudden wind started blowing just around her and then, she became a hamster! Katie couldnít believe it! Will this solve her problem with George? Will Katie ever become human again?

I liked this book a lot because it is about hamsters. Katie turns into a hamster by accidently wishing on a shooting star. I think it is very interesting because Katie turns into a hamster and you donít know what might happen next. I think Katie is very interesting in this book because she says hamsters donít have bad days. Every day is just the same for them. Katie turns into a hamster because of that and now George canít bother her.

I would recommend this book to anyone who has ever had to deal with a bully. When George got scared of the hamster in the classroom, he jumped on the teacherís desk. George was embarrassed that all the kids in his class saw him scream over a hamster. That hamster was really Katie. I like the way Katie helped George realize that making fun of others and embarrassing them is not a good thing to do.

Gabriela C is a student in Mrs. Vega's 3rd Grade Class