Pegasus the flame of Olympus

Written by Kate O'hearn • Illustrated by Kate O'hearn

Reviewed by Andrea P. (age 9)

This book is about a girl named Emily who hears a big thump on her apartment roof. She thinks lightning hit the roof because there was a big thunder storm going on. Emily goes to the roof and finds Pegasus. Pegasus is an Olympian Horse in Greek Mythology. She is injured because she has spear in her wing. Emily tries to help Pegasus' wounds but the spear is just too hard to get out. Emily asks a boy named Joel, the big bully at school, to help out. When Emily and Joel take out the spear Emily starts to learn more about Joel. Read the book to figure out what happens next and what is wrong with Joel.

I like this book because I like mythology and this book puts mythology and the human world together. I also like this book because it has a lot of adventure and mystery. The book is so good it makes me get locked inside the story and I don't want to get out of the story. This book is not part of a series but the author has written other books. Anther book she has written is called Shadow of the Dragon.

I recommend this book to people who can read big books and like Mythology. I also recommend this book to people who have a lot of time because this book has many pages with many words. Lastly, I think this book is for fourth and fifth grade students.

Andrea P. is a student in Knights of the Literary Round Table