Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Written by Jeff Kinney • Illustrated by Jeff Kinney

Reviewed by Syed S. (age 8)

The book is about a kid who hates his life. In this book he doesnít like his house, school or summer because his life is lousy. His brother knows something about him so he has to listen to him or he will spill the secret to the world. Also his three year old brother is a tattler. If he invites any one over heíll tell their mom if he sees them do any thing wrong. He doesnít like school because he gets into a lot of trouble and also because some of the other kids are mean.

I like this book because itís a diary. My favorite part is when Rodrick tells the secret because itís funny. I like Manny because he gets most of what he wants and because he doesnít have to go to school. I dislike Rodrick because he was mean to Gregory. This book is different from others because its about a kids life.

I recommend this book to kids 8-10 because they might think its funny.

Syed S. is a member in Page Turners After School Program / Rauschenbusch Center's Page Turners Book Club (2011-2012)