The Lemonade Crime

Written by Jacqueline Davies

Reviewed by C.K. (age 9)

Have you ever been accused of steeling something? Evan accuses Scott of steeling $208 from Evans pocket. So they go so far that they bring Scott to a fake court held at school recess. They have a Judge, Plaintiff, Lawyer, jury, defendant, and witnesses. Find out if Scott stole the money from Evan or not!

I like this book because it keeps you wondering did Scott steal the money? I really like the part when they made a fake court at school and Jessie pretended like she was an actual real lawyer! I think itís creative that they made a fake court at school. This is a unique book they have notes that plan where everyone is supposed to go (I think thatís funny too!) I wonder if the author likes lemonade because her first book was The Lemonade War and this book is The Lemonade Crime ?!

I recommend this book to people who like mysteries and action because a lot of action happens in this book. I recommend the Lemonade War first because the Lemonade Crime is the sequel to it.

C.K. is a student in Mrs. Schock's 3rd Grade Class