Written by Ingrid Law

Reviewed by A.S. (age 8)

A 12 year old girl named Mibs and her brothers and sisters have a secret. Mibsí family, the Beaumonts, have a special tradition. For the Beaumonts whenever they turn 13 they get a savvy, a special power, Mibs is desperate, she canít wait. Itís only a few days from her13th birthday. Rocket, her brother, can make electricity, Fish, her other brother, can control the weather, what will be Mibsí savvy? But bad news strikes, something has happened to Mibís father, but what? Will he ever get out of the hospital? What will happen next? Will Mibs father have to miss her birthday?

I really like this book because it has adventure and a little bit of mystery. As you read this book you might be wondering will Mibís father wake up? What will Mibís savvy be? My favorite part was when Mibís figured out her savvy because it was an exciting moment, suddenly just like that, Mibís has an awesome savvy. To me this book is both special and unique because itís not an everyday thing, you turn thirteen and you get a super power. So, what is Mibís savvy? Well you will have to read this book to find out.

I highly recommend this book to anyone that likes adventures and a little bit of a mystery because this book will take you on a twisty and turny trip on a big pink Bible Supply Bus with a bunch of crazy kids to who knows where!!!!!

A.S. is a student in Ms. Baldwin's 3rd Grade Class