Dear Dumb Diary Am I The Princess Or The Frog

Written by Jim Benton

Reviewed by JP (age 9)

This book is about a girl named Jamie Kelly. She falls in love with a teacher named Mr. Prince. She gets a poem from someone whose initials are M.P. Jamie thought it was from Mr. Prince but it was actually from Mike Pinsettie. So it all started when, Jamie smiled at Mike and thatís how he fell in love with her and started sending her notes.

It is really interesting to me because it is funny and a weird book. The author makes it difficult to understand the book at first, and then at the end she tells us what is really happening. The pictures really helped me understand the book because it showed how they acted. I liked the part when she realized that Mike gave her the note not Mr. Prince. I would like to be Jamie because she is sweet and weird.

I would recommend this book to girls because it is kind of like a girly book. This book is kind of like the Dork Diary books. If you like funny and weird stuff you should read this book.

JP is a student in Mr. Fulton's 4th-5th Grade Class