Do Your Ears Hang Low

Written by Rachel Lisberg • Illustrated by Jackie Urbanovic

Reviewed by Shanyce M (age 6)

This book is a song book that you can sing. It is about a dog that put his ears high and low. The dogís ears are so long he can throw them over his shoulder Isnít that cool.

This book is so funny. The funniest part is when the cat was messing with the dogís tail when he was eating. This part is just like when my sister was pulling my ears when I was sleeping. My favorite character is the dog because he is always sleepy. Iím always sleepy when I come home from school.

I think people should read this book because it is funny and a song book. This book is good for kids who are 3 to 7 years old.

Shanyce M is a student in Mrs. Fox's K-2nd Grade Class