Arthur's Teacher Trouble

Written by Marc Brown • Illustrated by Marc Brown

Reviewed by Brisa G. (age 7) and Karla C. (age 7)

On Arthur's first day of third grade, his teacher gave him and his friends a lot of homework. The next day, Mr. Ratburn gave the students one hundred words to study for the Spelling Bee. Arthur got picked for the Spelling Bee, and he practiced a lot. Because he practiced so much, he won, even though he was nervous. Our favorite part was the end, when D. W. was nervous because she was going to get Arthur's teacher the next year. This story taught that studying helps you. Study, study, study! When we read this book, it made us think of the Spelling Bee at our school. Other people should read this book because it shows how to be in school and study a lot.
Brisa G. and Karla C. are students in Mrs. Murray's 2nd Grade Class