Ibis: A True Whale Story

Written by John Himmelman • Illustrated by John Himmelman

Reviewed by Jesus (age 7)

The story was about a whale named Ibis; he was going on top the water to look at the people on boats. Then there were people that had a big fish net and Ibis got trapped inside the fish net. Then he was stuck and then he wiggles a lot, and then the fish net got stuck on his mouth and tail. People were putting their hands on the whale and they took the fish net off his mouth and tail and then he was free.

A whale is a mammal. They eat squids. I saw one in the museum and it was 100 feet tall. It was very exciting. This book made me feel sad because the fishing net caught the whale but in the last part I was happy because the whale was free.

I will recommend this book to people who like animals. The whale lives in the water but is a mammal. The people were very nice to help the whale. They touched the whale and they took the net off him and set him free. If you also like sea creatures, this is the book for you.

Jesus is a member in New York Cares/Island School Reading Club's Spring 2011 (2010-2011)