Junie B. Jones Has a Monster Under Her Bed

Written by Barbara Park

Reviewed by Rachel J. (age 7)

This story is about Junie B. thinking a monster lives under her bed. On picture day a boy named Paulie Allan Puffer tells Junie B that a monster lives under her bed. That night, Junie B. couldn’t close her eyes, or else the monster might eat her piggy toes. One the day the pictures came in, Junie B.’s picture was the total opposite of her beautiful friend Lucille’s – it was totally ugly. When she got home she decided to use her picture to scare away the monster under her bed.

I liked this book because Junie B. is in it. My favorite part was when nobody said, “Right!” to Junie B. because it was “cute.” My favorite character was Junie B., because she reminds me of me. I like the illustrator’s illustrations because they look like cartoons. This book is unique because the main characters are girls and not many books have that. I felt nice as I read the book, and it made me wonder if my life was a lot like Junie B.’s life because when I was five, I was scared to get out of bed or even close my eyes.

I totally recommend this book because Junie B. is in it (and, also, Junie B., is F-U-N-N-Y!) Olivia should definitely read this because of what I said in the sentence above. I think people would like the whole book because it is just funny. It will make you laugh inside.

Rachel J. is a student in Ms. G.'s 2nd Grade Class