Doctor De Soto

Written by William Steig • Illustrated by William Steig

Reviewed by Pablo P (age 8)

There was a Doctor named Doctor De Soto who fixed peopleís teeth. Everybody likes him because he fixes their teeth, and the patients are happy because Doctor De Soto fixes their teeth. The big animals like him because he was able to work inside their mouths and his fingers were delicate. One day there was a fox that was walking on the sidewalk and then he went to Doctor De Sotoís office and the fox couldnít speak because his teeth were hurting. Doctor De Soto took out one of his teeth. The fox was not happy because they pulled out his teeth and it was still hurting him. So he had to wait for tomorrow and he came to Doctor De Sotoís office and Doctor De Soto gave the fox the tooth he pulled out. But they were not finished. Doctor De Soto said to him: ďDrink this potionĒ and the fox drank it. And then his mouth was stuck together.

I liked the book because it is funny. I would not let Dr. De Soto work on my teeth because heís a mouse. The fox tries to eat Dr. De Soto and I think thatís gross. I think it was good that the Dr. De Soto glued the foxís lips because he didnít want to be eaten by the fox. I thought the ending was fair because the fox deserved having his lips glued.

I would recommend this book to my friends. My friends would like to read this book because itís funny because Dr. De Soto pulled the foxís teeth. That was funny because I like when he is in pain. My favorite character in the book is Dr. De Soto. My least favorite character is the fox. I would recommend this book to my family. My favorite part of the book is when Dr. De Soto glued the foxís lips together.

Pablo P is a member in New York Cares/Island School Reading Club's Spring Book Club (2009-2010)