Attack of the Mutant

Written by R. L. Stine
Illustrated by Tim Jacobus

Reviewed by Ethan W. (age 10)

Bradley Matthews, nicknamed Skipper, is a boy who loves to read comic books. He read one of the newest Masked Mutant comic books called A Tight Squeeze for the Sensational Sponge. It shows a picture of the Masked Mutant headquarters. A building appears out of nowhere, that looks exactly like the Masked Mutant headquarters. Skipper gets curious and starts exploring, He takes his friend with him and she disappears. He finds a room where all the Masked Mutants comics are drawn. He finds out the Masked Mutant might be real! Read the book to follow Skipper adventures.

I like this book because it has a lot of mystery. Skipper doesnít know whether he can trust his new friend. Libby is a 12 year old girl who likes to read a comic book called Harry and Beanhead. When they go into the basement to explore, Skipper is sure that she is right behind him. Somehow she disappears. I like The Masked Mutant because he was tricky and mysterious. He is a shape-shifter, a mastermind criminal, and a thief. He traps the Galloping Gazelle, a super-hero who has super fast speed.

This book is part of the GOOSEBUMPS series written by R.L. Stine. He writes lots of horror books. When I was reading this book I felt like I didnít know what was going to happen. It gave away nothing. I like the time when Skipper found a picture of himself in a comic book the day after he visited the strange building that appeared out of nowhere.

I recommend this book because it has action and adventure. I recommend this book to people who like mystery, suspense, and horror.

Ethan W. is a student in Sister Janet's 4th Grade Class