Labor Day

Written by Mir Tamim Ansary

Reviewed by Sarah B. (age 8)

This book tells about Labor Day and how it got to be a national holiday. In the past lots of people worked in factories. They didnít like it much because they worked too long and they didnít get paid as much as they should. The bosses even made little kids work! The workers got tired of working so hard for so little pay (and they got tired of their children working), so they went on strike. We have Labor Day today to remember how the people back then worked and to honor them. I didnít like my book because it had wrong illustrations. Sometimes the illustrations didnít match what the story was saying. It made me wonder why they did that. My favorite part was when they talked about the machines and told how they work because I love how machines work. Iíve read other non-fiction books, and this book is kind of like the others because it tells facts instead of a story. Iím glad I picked this book, though, because I didnít know Labor Day was so exiting. I would recommend this book because the pictures are pretty and it taught me a lot. I think my sister would like this book because she loves holidays and reading. She also likes machines and knowing how things work. I think she would like the middle of the book because it told about machines and how the workers used the machines in the factories.
Sarah B. is a student in Ms. G.'s 2nd Grade Class