When Lightning Comes in a Jar

Written by Todd Parr • Illustrated by Patricia Palacco

Reviewed by Anne Clayton (age 10) and Grant (age 7)

This book is about a girl at her family reunion. She was so excited about her family coming! When her Grandma mentions lightning in a jar she canít wait to figure out what it really is!

One of the reasons we liked this book is it had great illustrations. Another reason we liked it because it had a great circular ending, and it is very descriptive. We loved the all of the similes. For example,"Our aunties and Gramma flitted around the tables like butterflies going from flower to flower."

We recommend this book to people with fun family traditions. This book is good for most all ages. It is kind of long but not too hard.

When Lightning Comes in a Jar is a great book. We give it two thumbs up!

Anne Clayton and Grant are students in Ms. Hendrix and Ms. Ponder's 4th & 1st Grade Classes