The Scarcrow Walks At Midnight

Written by R.L. Stine

Reviewed by Evan G. (age 9)

Jodie and Mark went to their Grandma and Grandpaís farm for the summer. Their grandparents were acting weird. Jodie and Mark find out that the scarecrows in the cornfield are alive. If they can get the scarecrows to sleep, then they will not attack the farm. Will they get the scarecrows to sleep?

My favorite character is Sticks. He tells Stanley that the scarecrows are alive. Sticks is a boy like me. He lives on a farm and likes to play tricks. I help around my Mom and Dadís farm. I also like to play tricks on my brothers.

When Stanley, Jodie, and Mark go fishing by the creek, it reminds me of when I go down by my creek to check the cows. I like to explore my creek. I found a snapping turtle there one time.

This book is part of Goosebumps series. They all try to make you scared when you read them.

I would recommend this book to others because this is a scary book, especially when the scarecrows come to life. Reader beware! Youíre in for a scare! If you want a mystery book, read The Scaercrow Walks At Midnight. It is a good book for anyone who is in third grade or older.

Evan G. is a student in Sister Janet's 4th Grade Class