Nightmare on Joe's Street

Written by Zachary Rau

Reviewed by Corilyn L. (age 9)

A guy is hiding in the closet at the house trying to scare someone. Bryon turns into a scary guy. The boys try to take Mary Shelly’s book away. The scary guy dies from the boys they spun around. Bryon is an excellent swimmer so he could swim under water for a long time. Mary Shelly has been kidnapped, so the boys don’t know where Mary Shelly went. Read this book to find out if Fred, Joe, and Sam find Mary Shelly.

The monster is my favorite because he is funny he chases the boys away. I felt excited to see what happened next. This story reminds me of when my dog chases me.

I recommend this book to children in grades 2 to 5. It was fun to read because it is like a comic book.

Corilyn L. is a student in Mrs. Poitra & Mrs. Jerome's 2nd Grade through 3rd Grade Class