Aliens For Lunch

Written by Stephanie Spinner • Illustrated by Steve Bjorkman

Reviewed by Jayden L. (age 8)

Richard and Henry bell are stuck at home during Easter vacation. Henry made Kaboom Korn in the microwave. When the popcorn was done Aric the alien came out of the bag. Aric asks for Richard and Henry’s help. They are on the ugly planet Grax. They are shown to king Boobrik the heavy. The king is going to make the boys watch the Threllians invade Earth. They put Aric in the freezer. They take Henry and Richard to the lunchroom. Richard and Henry arrived at the lunchroom the dinning hall was big they thought the food was gross. Henry asked for some vegetables and guard did not know what he was talking about. Henry looked at the lunch that Mrs. Bickerstaff left for them. Henry and Richard are looking for Aric and going to unfreeze Aric they saw another creature which was king Boobrik’s pet called a Wamu. Aric, Henry, and Richard were lucky to be invisible when they entered the throne room. Find out why they were so lucky to be invisible.

I thought this book was great. I liked it because Richard’s teacher fell in love with his T-shirt. My favorite part of the book was when a girl in sixth grade kissed Richard. I liked it because it was funny. There were lots of illustrations. They were cool. They looked like the illustrations from Captain Underpants.

I recommend that children in grades 2 and up read this story, it was a good chapter book.

Jayden L. is a student in Mrs. Poitra & Mrs. Jerome's 2nd Grade through 3rd Grade Class