Aliens For Lunch

Written by Stephanie Spinner • Illustrated by Steve Bjorkman

Reviewed by Dylan N. (age 8)

Richard and Henry bell are stuck at home during Easter vacation. Henry likes healthy snacks. The Graxians tampered with their supply of XTC-1000. The Graxians hijacked the spacecraft with XTC-1000 that was going to the planet Thrill. Richard, Henry, and Aric are in the control room of the Graxian spaceship. If they donít win, the Threllians will invade earth. They are on the ugly planet Grax. They are shown to king Boobrik the heavy. The king is going to decide their fate. Read this book to see what happens next.

My favorite part is when Henry waved the celery stick in the Graxianís face. The characters I liked were Richard and Henry because a 6th grade girl kissed Henry. Richardís teacher fell in love with Richards t-shirt because of the magic that Aric did. I thought the book was cool. I liked this story because I like aliens.

I donít think that kids younger than second grade would be able to read the words in this book. If you like aliens you will like this book.

Dylan N. is a student in Mrs. Poitra & Mrs. Jerome's 2nd Grade through 3rd Grade Class