Aliens For Lunch

Written by Stephanie Spinner • Illustrated by Steve Bjorkman

Reviewed by Shannon C. (age 7)

Richard and Henry Bell are stuck at home during Easter Vacation. Henry likes healthy snacks. Henry made the “Kaboom korn” in the microwave. When the popcorn was done, Aric the alien came out of the bag. The Graxians tampered with their supply of XTC-1000. The Graxians hijacked the plane with the XTC-1000 that was going to planet Threll. Richard, Henry and Aric are in the control room of the Graxians spaceship. If they don’t win, the Threllians are going to invade Earth. They are on the ugly planet, Grax. They are shown to king Boobrik the Heavy. The king is going to make the boys watch the Threllians invade Earth. They put Aric in the freezer. They take Richard and Henry to the lunchroom. The guard fainted when he saw the celery sticks. Richard said ‘Lets get out of HERE!’ Richard and Henry are looking for Aric. Aric made Richard and Henry plus himself invisible, Richard pulled the celery sticks out and stuck them in the guard’s face. The guards fainted. Richard and Henry got to the edge of the floor. Then they got to normal. Then they stuck the celery in Boobric’s face then faced the crowd. After, they got in the ship. And they got out just in time. The boys were at school and wearing their special T-shirts and they were having a good time, until a girl came up and kissed him.

When I read this story, I felt like ‘OH! WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT!! It was very EXCITING!!! King Boobrik screamed like a girl because he was AFRAID OF CELERY!!!!!!!!!! I thought this book was cool and funny! A girl from 6th grade came up and kissed Richard! This story reminds me of school because once I did not like my lunch, and Richard and Henry did not like the Graxian’s lunch.

I recommend this book for children 7-20, because1-6 children will not be able to pronounce some of the words the right way.

Shannon C. is a student in Mrs. Poitra & Mrs. Jerome's 2nd Grade through 3rd Grade Class