The Giraffe, The Pelly and Me

Written by Roald Dahl
Illustrated by Quentin Blake

Reviewed by Massimo G. (age 8)

My favourite character is the giraffe, because shes happy and always has a smile on her face. The monkey is funny and dances beautifully. The Pelly is terribly silly and has a gigantic beak. James is a boy who imagines things.

I like this book because it takes place in a palace in London, and in the middle, things start falling from the palace. The giraffe, the Pelly and the monkey want to transform the palace into a washing company. James luckily meets them and takes part in their washing company business.

I like the book because its funny and silly because the animals dont know what they are doing really. I think 3 5 graders will enjoy this book.

Massimo G. is a student in Jana's 3rd Grade Class